Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 1 Update: No Spend December

So our first week went pretty well, even though we did have a couple of hiccups. 

Pit Falls
1. I didn't balance the checkbook as much as I wanted too. Matter of fact, I didn't balance it at all last week. 

I got my paycheck in the middle of the week and already knew I was overdrawn due to last months overspending. But short of going grocery shopping we didn't spend too much more out of that account. 

I balanced the check book today and did realize that I still don't have enough money in this account to make me happy. But isn't that to be expected after an over spending month? 

2. We did go out to eat three times last week. I know...I know. This was a no-no!

The first time was after my OB appointment on Thursday. My appointment was for 4pm and our plans where to go to the appointment and then after run to the store, do a little shopping and then come home and eat. That was the plan.

The actuality was that we didn't get into the doctors office until after 6pm. When we finally got out of the appointment it was after 7pm. I was starving! So, we went out and grabbed a cheap meal at a little cafe around the corner. We spent under $20, with dessert.

The next morning I was supposed to take a fasting 3 hour glucose lab. I woke up late, searched for my lab slip, couldn't find it, drove 30 minutes to the doctors to get a replacement slip and then hit a HUNGER wall. I couldn't go on! I decided that doing the lab the next morning, bright and early would be best. So, we went to breakfast (another $20!) and then went grocery shopping. 

The 3rd time was the next day, after the lab. I didn't get up early so the lab ended at noon. This meant another excuse to go out. This time it was just under $30. 

But, if we can now STOP less than $100 is much better than $1000.00!

Where Do We Go From Here?
We are still planning to continue with our on spend month. Like I said above $100 is much better than $1000.

We have learned that this no spending thing is going to take a lot of for thought prior to starting our day. Making sure we make lunches/snacks prior to leaving the house if we are planning on being away from home for any length of time. And, we have learned that we need to go shopping for food prior to running out! Having to shop to eat when your hungry is no plan at all. 

So, that is all for now. We will keep updating with our wins and losses. 

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